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Keke Palmer as Cinderella 

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Heather, Heathers, Heather, and someone

Into The Woods (2014)

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Fun Home (2013) 

My dad and I both grew up in the same Pennsylvania town
And he was gay and I was gay
And he killed himself
And I…became a lesbian cartoonist

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Candy Store- Final Performance of Heathers the Musical August 4, 2014.

michelle williams and alan cumming in cabaret

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heathers + musical numbers

Dead Girl Walking
Sorry but I really had to wake you
See, I decided I must ride you ‘til I break you
‘Cause Heather says I gots to go
You’re my last meal on death row
Shut your mouth and lose them tighty whities

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so I’m trying to get back into using this blog

I’m heading for college next week and I’m going into a musical theatre bfa program so I’ve been in the theatre mood! If anyone knows any awesome theatre blogs that don’t just post the stereotypical broadway fandom stuff please let me know!! I’ll definitely check out your blog if you let me know I just need more good stuff on my dash. 

Also the website where I would get all my musical cast recordings has shut down so I’m trying to get into trading and collecting again. If anyone knows another website with that or if you want to trade for stuff hit me up please!!

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It comes the day you say “what for?”

Please, no more.

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Into the Woods releases new production stills

Musical Theatre ask
  • 2. Least favorite musical(s)
  • 4. Favorite composer(s)
  • 6. Favorite actress(es)
  • 8. Favorite overture
  • 10. Least favorite character from any show
  • 12. Favorite musical number
  • 14. A showtune you’ve been obsessed with lately
  • 16. A musical you believe is overrated
  • 18. A musical turned movie you liked
  • 20. A movie turned musical that you loved
  • 22. A movie, if any, you would like to see turned into a musical
  • 24. A flop you disliked
  • 26. A regional production you saw that was less than stellar
  • 28. 3 dream roles of yours
  • 30. The first show you saw
  • 32. A role you’d like to see your favorite actor play
  • 36. If you could cast any show you wanted, what show would it be and who would be your leads?
  • 38. A character from any show you’d say you are most like (whether it be for personality or physical appearance)

  • farewell and goodbye to heathers: the musical, which will play it’s last show off-broadway today, august 4th, 2014, after 17 previews and 175 regular performances. congrats to the cast on a very very run!

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The cast of the upcoming Broadway revival of On the Town takes to the streets of the city to perform ‘New York, New York’.